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What Are The Top Schools in Brea

Brea, California, is a city that prioritizes education and the success of its students. With a focus on academic excellence and personal growth, Brea is home to several top-rated schools that have earned recognition for their outstanding achievements. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top schools in Brea, CA, where students receive a quality education and a supportive learning environment.


  • Brea Olinda High School: Brea Olinda High School is a top-performing public high school known for its strong academic programs and extracurricular opportunities. The school offers a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, providing students with the chance to challenge themselves academically. With a dedicated faculty and a range of clubs and sports teams, Brea Olinda High School prepares students for success in higher education and beyond. 
  • Brea Junior High School: Brea Junior High School is a highly regarded public middle school that emphasizes academic excellence and character development. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum and a nurturing environment where students can grow academically and socially. Brea Junior High School provides a strong foundation for students as they transition to high school. 
  • Mariposa Elementary School: Mariposa Elementary School is an outstanding public elementary school in Brea, CA. The school’s committed teachers create a positive and engaging learning environment, fostering a love for learning in their students. Mariposa Elementary School offers a variety of academic and enrichment programs to cater to the diverse needs of its young learners. 
  • William E. Fanning Elementary School: William E. Fanning Elementary School is another top-rated public elementary school in Brea that focuses on academic excellence and individualized instruction. The school provides a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students are encouraged to explore their interests and reach their full potential. 
  • Arovista Elementary School: Arovista Elementary School is a well-regarded public school that offers a range of academic programs and extracurricular activities. The school’s dedicated staff fosters a love for learning and personal growth in each student. Arovista Elementary School is committed to providing a well-rounded education for its students. 
  • Brea Canyon High (Continuation) School: Brea Canyon High School is a continuation school that provides an alternative educational setting for students. The school offers personalized support and a flexible learning environment to help students achieve their academic goals. 


Brea, CA, is home to several top schools that prioritize academic excellence, personal growth, and a supportive learning environment. From high schools preparing students for higher education to elementary schools laying the foundation for lifelong learning, these educational institutions in Brea are committed to shaping bright futures for their students. With dedicated faculty, rigorous academic programs, and enriching extracurricular activities, the top schools in Brea, CA, provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in their future endeavors.

What Are The Major Shopping Centers in Brea

Brea, California, offers a vibrant shopping scene with a variety of major shopping centers that cater to diverse retail needs. From upscale boutiques and well-known retailers to trendy eateries and entertainment options, Brea has it all. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a shopping journey through the major shopping centers in Brea, where residents and visitors can indulge in a delightful retail experience.


  • Brea Mall: Brea Mall is the city’s premier shopping destination, offering a wide range of retail stores and dining options. With over 175 stores, including popular brands and upscale boutiques, Brea Mall caters to every shopper’s taste. Visitors can explore the latest fashion trends, shop for home decor, and enjoy a variety of culinary delights at the mall’s restaurants and food court. 
  • Downtown Brea: Downtown Brea is a charming and historic shopping district known for its unique shops, boutiques, and art galleries. The area offers a blend of retail stores, specialty shops, and delightful eateries. Visitors can stroll along the picturesque streets, discover one-of-a-kind treasures, and savor delicious meals at the local cafes and restaurants. 
  • Brea Gateway Center: Brea Gateway Center is a bustling retail hub with a mix of well-known retailers and restaurants. The center provides a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience, featuring a variety of stores offering fashion, electronics, and more. Shoppers can also satisfy their cravings with a diverse selection of dining options. 
  • Brea Union Plaza: Brea Union Plaza is a popular shopping center that features a range of retail stores and services. From fashion and beauty to fitness and wellness, the plaza offers a comprehensive shopping experience. Visitors can find everything they need in one convenient location. 
  • Brea Marketplace: Brea Marketplace is a well-established shopping center with a mix of major retailers and specialty shops. The center provides ample parking and easy access to a variety of stores, making it a convenient destination for all your shopping needs. 
  • Brea Civic Center Shopping: Brea Civic Center Shopping area offers a selection of stores and eateries located within the Civic Center complex. The area provides a relaxed shopping experience with a focus on convenience and community. 


Brea, CA, is a retail paradise with a variety of major shopping centers that offer a diverse and delightful shopping experience. From upscale malls to charming downtown districts, these shopping destinations cater to every shopper’s preferences. Whether you’re in search of fashion, home decor, or delectable dining options, the major shopping centers in Brea, CA, have something for everyone to enjoy.


What Amenities can I find in Brea

Brea, California, is a city that takes pride in offering a wide array of amenities that enrich the lives of its residents. From lush green spaces and recreational facilities to cultural attractions and excellent schools, Brea has something to cater to everyone’s needs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the diverse amenities in Brea, CA, that enhance the overall living experience and contribute to a thriving community.

Parks and Recreational Facilities

Brea boasts several well-maintained parks and recreational facilities where residents can enjoy outdoor activities and leisure. Some of the notable amenities include:


  • Carbon Canyon Regional Park: A scenic park offering hiking trails, picnic areas, and a serene reservoir, perfect for nature enthusiasts and family outings. 
  • Arovista Park: A community park with sports fields, playgrounds, and walking paths, providing a space for outdoor recreation and community gatherings. 
  • Brea Sports Park: A state-of-the-art sports complex with baseball fields, soccer fields, and playgrounds, offering a variety of athletic opportunities for residents of all ages. 

Cultural Attractions and Entertainment

Brea offers a range of cultural attractions and entertainment options for residents and visitors to enjoy, such as:


  • Brea Downtown: A vibrant area with a blend of boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants, providing a lively atmosphere for shopping and dining. 
  • Curtis Theatre: A community theater that hosts a variety of performances and events, showcasing local talent and professional productions. 

Healthcare Facilities

Brea provides access to quality healthcare facilities and medical centers, ensuring residents’ well-being and medical needs are met.

Public Transportation

Brea provides convenient public transportation options, making commuting accessible for residents.


Brea, CA, is a city that provides a host of amenities that contribute to a high quality of life for its residents. From abundant green spaces and recreational facilities to cultural attractions and educational opportunities, Brea offers a well-rounded living experience. Whether you’re looking to explore nature, engage in cultural activities, or savor culinary delights, the diverse range of amenities in Brea ensures that residents can enjoy a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle.

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